Thursday, April 16, 2009

I need help my graham teeth are broken?

i need some answer, my graham teeth is broken, we need doctor for remove my broken teeth, i will crash my teeth with hand, are steril? are infection?

I need help my graham teeth are broken?
You definitely need to see a dentist or oral surgeon, and the sooner the better!


Why do British chicks have broken teeth?

I met a beautiful one today, but when I saw her teeth, I ran away.

Why do they have broken teeth?

Does your dictator, Tony Blair, require women to have broken teeth?

Why do British chicks have broken teeth?
The situation in the U.K today is there is a severe shortage in dentists that are taking on patients %26amp; those that do still practice dentistry have charged such over inflated prices that the majority of people cannot afford to visit.

There used to be many dentists that charged N.H.S prices which were affordable to all but they were subsidised so poorly by the government that they stopped treating subsidised patients which left many people including young children with no dentist to treat them.
Reply:Maybe they lack dentists.
Reply:lmfao thats ******* hilarious!! sorry *thank god i have niice teeth** =)
Reply:from playing rugby with the heads of really annoying men
Reply:i guess they don%26#039;t have dentists or they think its wrong or hate going to the dentist.
Reply:It%26#039;s simply something that you can find anywhere. The British have them, Australia does, New Zealand does, The USA does and so does Canada. You probably just don%26#039;t notice them i other countries as much because of the stereotype abut British teeth being bad.
Reply:Don%26#039;t know...all I know is that I have perfect teeths!! when ever u want 2 see my teeths just give me a call, ok!
Reply:2 reasons. first, they like to eat haggis, that messes up their teeth, second, they love to play rugby with the mates, Governor, and drink pints at the poob
Reply:great answer madamspud i believe you have hit it right on
Reply:Why do so many Americans have none?? Especially in the South!
Reply:You%26#039;re not very smart.You see,you started out by trying to wind up British people,and were (unjustifiably) getting a good response,but in order for such pettiness to be effective you really have to know when to stop.If you go on too long people lose interest and ,above all,don%26#039;t take you seriously.I understand that you%26#039;re trying to be humorous,but any comedian can tell you that when you reach the apex of your appreciation/response,you have to move on to other things,otherwise the audience sees you as being incapable of anything else.I know that in this answer I used some fancy words that you may be unfamiliar with,and since you%26#039;re obviously very young and naive and rather excited about going on a trip for the first time without your parents,I don%26#039;t expect you to have a dictionary at hand,so I%26#039;ll summarize it for your benefit.You%26#039;re making a dick of yourself.
Reply:Coz British blokes keep punching them
Reply:amazing to come accross the same moron twice....

why do mouthy blokes like you have no teeth.....oh sorry...meant to say spine
Reply:You are talking out of your ****. Are you parents cousins? Grow up and stop making things up? Watch less TV read more books.

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What can I do about broken teeth?....?

I was down for a week with a really bad case of the flu and decided I was well enough to get out last night. While standing in line at the bowling alley, I became hot and disoriented and then I proceeded to pass out. When I fell, I landed on my mouth, thus breaking four teeth on the upper row between my canines. I went to the emergency room where they ran some tests and told me that I passed out from being dehydrated. The doctor figures I lost a lot of fluids during the past week while I had been sick. Anyway, here I am with no medical/dental insurance and four broken teeth. I MUST repair them.. as long as they are broken, I%26#039;ll never get a good job and I can say goodbye to ever having a date. I am a musician, so I depend on my voice to make a living.... now I don%26#039;t even have that. The way my teeth are sitting currently, it%26#039;s hard to sound normal when I sing.... Anyway, has anyone out there been through this before?... What can I do?... Please help, I could certainly use some good advic

What can I do about broken teeth?....?
You need a dental plan that will cover all dental work needed,

right away.

So, no waiting periods, no annual maximums. Also, the bigger

the discount the better so you don%26#039;t break the bank. I recommend

the eHealthPlus membership. You can sign up online and get

help on Monday. Good luck.
Reply:put you teeth in milk you have 30mins tosee the dentist to save your teeth.
Reply:Get a loan from the band, and fix your teeth, afterwards, than you can keep singing, and get enough money so you can pay the loan back!

Good Luck!=)
Reply:You need to have the broken teeth capped and its not cheap. If you lived here in California I would say to got to Western Dental Centers, they have their own financing and will let you make payments. There should be some place like that no matter where you live, a dentist that has financing so you can get the work done and make payments. Look in the phone book.
Reply:This story makes me glad i was born with 70 teeth
Reply:Let me say first how sorry I am that this happened to you. Next, didn%26#039;t someone push you, or didn%26#039;t you trip over something!? Just kidding, but I am surprised that the bowling alley hasn%26#039;t offered any type of help. Because other people would have swore something else made them fall, nice to see someone honest for a change. I won%26#039;t go into the story about the pizza delivery man hitting my parked car and then later yelling and swearing at me because I submitted a claim to his insurance Co. for my car to be repaired, not to mention the shop told me it may be totaled if they can%26#039;t find a panel! Go figure....and I wasn%26#039;t going to tell you about that, but oh well. Honesty, always works in the long run in your best interest. I do understand and can appreicate yours. Anyway back to your problem. First and foremost you need to go see a dentist. The condition of the broken teeth must be evaluated below the gum line for fractures. It may not be as bad as you think it is, x rays will confirm that. If the teeth aren%26#039;t hurting on their own, you may not have damaged the pulp. It would be advisable for you to be placed on a round of anitbiotics as a precautionary measure to help the teeth settle down or keep them from flaring up. Now as for restoring the teeth, you may just need a bonding to replace the missing tooth structure, which is the least work and expense. Or it%26#039;s possible you could just need a crown or two depending on how much tooth structure is missing. This is a little more expensive. Or the other could be damage to the pulp, requiring a root canal therapy and then a crown and yes, even more expensive. There is always the possibility of fractures below the gum line which would require extractions of those teeth and bridge work to be done to restore them. Bridge work is very expensive. So you see, there are a variety of things that can be done, or may need to be done in order to save your teeth. I%26#039;m just giving you a break down of the %26quot;possible problems%26quot; that could be wrong. Call the dentist office let them know about the accident your situation, and you need the next available appointment. Ask if they have a payment plan or financing available. The Doctor will examine you and advise you as to what you will need, bonding, crowns, bridge work or possibly even root canal therapy if the damage warrents it. You have a chance that it could be minor repair or maybe major, you have to go get an exam to find out. If your not experiencing pain that is a good indication that you didn%26#039;t damage the pulp. No one can just say for sure without seeing the teeth and an x ray. I hope I been of some help to you. Good luck and be sure to get these taken care of, and don%26#039;t subject the teeth to any other trauma by placing hot, cold or air, stimuli on them.

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Broken guinea pig teeth!?

my guinea pig%26#039;s two front teeth snapped in half, i know that this sometimes happens but the problem is she swallowed one of the broken teeth!!! will she be okay?!

Broken guinea pig teeth!?
Yes, she should be fine. What is important now is to make sure her diet is supporting good health and that her broken teeth do not prevent her from eating.

Broken teeth can be the result of a fall, injury or accident. A cavy living on a poor diet can be vulnerable to broken teeth, especially if the diet is deficient in vitamin C, which is essential for bone and tooth growth.

The teeth of a normal healthy guinea pig should grow back just fine. Watch to make sure the remaining teeth do not get so long that they touch the gums or skin of the mouth. If the tooth has broken far down, leaving a hole, and the gum is bloody, periodically flush any food out of the hole and keep it clean with a luke-warm mild saline solution (a teaspoon of common salt dissolved in a pint of warm water will work fine).

Make absolutely sure your cavy is still able to eat. Cutting food into smaller pieces or feeding by hand may be necessary. If your cavy is unable to use a water bottle, offer liquids by syringe and adequate vegetables and fruits to insure he gets enough water. Ensure that your cavy is getting enough vitamin C by providing a quarter of a 100mg chewable tablet or 25 to 30 mg liquid vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes good bone growth, strong teeth, and healing.


You may wish to contact a veterinarian if:

The break is ragged.

The opposing teeth begin to curve inward and contact the mouth (possible if most of the tooth and root was lost)

Here is an excellent link for advice
Reply:what she said.
Reply:she will be fine if your worried call the vet
Reply:they%26#039;ll grow back.
Reply:i doubt she swallowd it there just so small u cant find it.

that happened to one of my old piggies exept she broke both the teeth.

we just hd to cut up apple in TINY peices and put the mush in her mouth for a few weeks till her teeth grew back.

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i have a poodle and he is 5 years old.

whenever he goes to lie down and relax he makes this weird sound like he is grinding his teeth. %26amp;%26amp; now whenever he bites something he makes the sound. are his teeth broken or is he loosing them.

i am nervous because i am afraid that if he is loosing his teeth that one may fall out and he will joke on it.

Take your dog to a vet for a dental exam. Poor dental health leads to other health problems, including heart disease...
Reply:if it is a major concern of yous call the vet and take for a check up your vet will be happy to help you
Reply:When you take him in for a check up the vet can look at his teeth. They are probably fine. Some dogs have bites that cause their teeth to grind.
Reply:You%26#039;ll have to get the vet to take a look at the teeth, see what%26#039;s going on in there.
Reply:At 5 years old he is transitioning into his upper middle age, regardless of what you think about his teeth, he should be getting annual check ups with your vet. If his teeth have never been brushed and he doesn%26#039;t get chew treats to help keep them clean, I would bet a stack of money that he%26#039;s got some nasty build up on his teeth and needs them cleaned before they abscess (if they aren%26#039;t already)

Please have him looked at, and pay a little more attention to oral health, it%26#039;s extremely important to him. Think about what your teeth would look like if you didn%26#039;t brush them for 5 whole years, and keep in mind that oral infection will spread to the jawbone and bloodstream, which can carry it to the heart, kidneys, and other bones.
Reply:If he is breaking or losing teeth, something is wrong and your vet needs a look. That%26#039;s not normal for a young dog such as your poodle.
Reply:Your poodle may be experiencing mouth pain. Small breeds tend to have teeth problems, specifically periodontal disease. He won%26#039;t choke on his teeth (he didn%26#039;t when he lost his puppy teeth, did he?), but he could be at risk in other areas. Periodontal disease is very dangerous in that it affects many parts of the animal%26#039;s body. Think about all the bacteria that he is swallowing, especially if his teeth are deteriorated enough to allow an abscess to form in his mouth. The bacteria can affect all his major organs (heart, kidneys, etc.). Imagine if you never brushed your teeth - yuck! If you haven%26#039;t had a reputable veterinarian give a good oral exam, please do so immediately. I know this sounds odd, but a 5 year old poodle will soon be entering the %26quot;geriatric%26quot; years. A visit to the veterinarian is in order - a pair of trained eyes can make a huge difference. A good blood screen to check for organ function and then a thorough dental cleaning will be well worth the expense. Your poodle will not only be more comfortable, but you will be able to enjoy many more years with him. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Good luck!
Reply:When your dog makes the same noise again, take a closer look. Check all his front nails if he is bitting it or what. My pinscher used to bite her own nails %26amp; it sound like grinding. That%26#039;s why I don%26#039;t need to cut all her nails.

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How strong are remodelled broken teeth?

My 18 year old son has broken his 2 front teeth; one near the gum and the other about half way down.

The dentist has taken the nerve out of the most badly broken tooth and %26#039;remodelled it%26#039; using filling material. He has done the same with the other tooth but without taking out the nerve.

My son is aware he can never again bite into an apple or anything hard but can he bite into softer food ie. a sandwich or a chicken drumstick?

We have been advised that ultimately, the %26#039;fillings%26#039; will probably break and my son may have to have implants.

Can anyone offer any futher advice?

How strong are remodelled broken teeth?
Strange he`s been told he can`t bite an friend`s son had this done and eats normally - no probs.....
Reply:no very i had a broken toothi came out the next day

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2 teeth badly broken and decayed 2 b removed on 1st one is wisdom.will it be trouble and hurt to do?

i havent been to dentist since i was 12 now 31 an dfreaked out bout badly decayed and broken teeth have to come out on 1st one wisdom tooth is broken whole middle is gone and outside is broken almost to gumline then tooth next to it is bdaly decayed and broken on one side..they keep getting infected..then need a few filling and a root canal..but really freaked out about how dentist will remove broken worried about pain afetr just actual procedure

2 teeth badly broken and decayed 2 b removed on 1st one is wisdom.will it be trouble and hurt to do?
i think the dentist will have to cut into your gum before he/she extracts the tooth. after that he/she will stitch up the wound.

of course you will be on anaesthetic during the whole procedure but after that the pain will return.. and be prepared for a few weeks of inconvenience!
Reply:If you have a good dentist that will really numb you good, you wont feel much at all other than pressure. i t is later that really hurts.
Reply:yep it%26#039;ll hurt like hell, but if you%26#039;re scared it%26#039;ll hurt even worse. you may expect some blood coming out, but once you get rid of them you%26#039;ll feel great.
Reply:dont worry about it i went and got my wisedom teeth pulled a few months ago its no big deal the same thing happened to from crowding in my mouth i had to have 4 teeth takin cause they broke it took all of 20 min and i was fine the next day
Reply:You wont feel a thing as they will freeze the area. Do not eat anything till the day after and take some painkillers with water before you go to bed
Reply:the procedure will probably be too painful for them to let you go without novacaine, which means you won%26#039;t feel anything during the whole thing (besides they shot they give you at first to numb everything). the pain after, though, will be pretty bad. my sister had her wisdom teeth taken out and her whole jaw was yellow for a week and she was in serious pain. i dont know if this will make you feel better but if kids about 14 years old can go through about the same procedures, you can too!!
Reply:Just make sure you take the pills he gives you after. I would demand to be asleep during all of that. Hey, at least ur taking care of ur teeth! Some people are worse off!
Reply:Your dentist may do the dental work in several sessions. You will be sedated or possibly put under a general. You will also be given some mild pain pills to cover any pain and discomfort after the proceedures.

Oh, and please take better care of yourself!
Reply:You should seriously consider sedation dentistry - that way you wont even know whats going on.
Reply:Look thru the phone book and find a dentist that caters to %26quot;chickens%26quot; that is what I did and found a really good dentist.

Ask family / friends what dentist they use and how is he.
Reply:Don%26#039;t put it off! Just bite the bullet and go see the dentist - a good one! Look for one that specializes in nervous patients. As far as the broken teeth, they might be able to crown them. If it is a wisdom tooth, though, they%26#039;ll probably just pull it, which wasn%26#039;t as big of a deal as I expected it to be (mine were grown in too and had begun to rot). The whole experience probably won%26#039;t be pleasant, but think of how good you%26#039;ll feel when your mouth is all fixed. Good luck!
Reply:Hey, I know what you are talking about and I know what you are going thru. I went thru that situation too long ago. I had a pain on one side of of my face and it was nothing but my bad tooth doing that. I was in so much pain. I went ahead and went to dentist to take a chance. well, I am glad i did, they numb it it so good and in about 5 min the tooth were out. OH man i feel so good that they got it out, and then next month i had to go back and get another one pulled, and i didnt even dread it at all. once you go their now you will be okay. things right now are alot better than back when you were 12 years old. they got better techology now. go for it and get it over with and you will be all right.
Reply:they will fill you up with novocaine to take that broken teeth out. If u go to a good dentist they will fix your teeth. The only downside is that you waited so long to go to the dentist that problems will surely arise in the future not to mention the astronimically expensive dental bill you will get from this procedure if you%26#039;re not covered by your employers insurance or from a private one. Good luck and start brushing your teeth regularly.

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